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First Dahlias of 2019

Dahlias have come back into fashion in a BIG way. When my Dad grew them in his suburban Chicago garden I wasn't overly impressed. 

To me dahlias seemed like too much work; digging them up every autumn, storing them over winter and worrying about the tubers freezing or rotting, then you had to divide them and replant them.  What a faff! 

Of course, I didn't realise how long those dahlias were in bloom, how they added height and drama to his perennial borders.  When most other flowers have given up for the season, dahlias keep on going.

Perhaps the most surprising thing is how generous a dahlia tuber can be.  Plant one at the beginning of the summer season and when you dig them up in autumn you can divide that one tuber to make several new plants.  

Good tubers can be expensive but given proper attention and a bit of care, they will reward you with tons of flowers and enough new plants to expand your patch and share with fellow flower gardeners.  

The following dahlias are in this po…

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