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During Storm Dennis

They say the wind howls in winter, not during storm Dennis.  Howling is a higher pitch, like a tenor voice.  The gales of Dennis are more baritone or bass.  This wind roars - not like a lion but like a giant machine, constantly, deafeningly, relentlessly for days on end.  It has been roaring for nearly a week now. 

As one storm blows itself out another comes tearing in with barely a moment to notice the change of character.  If the weatherman didn't show you those charts you'd never know the difference.  You would just think it was one continuous 'low pressure' system, all tight isobars and flood warnings. 

Yes, there has been a day or two when the weather was just blustery as they say in those Winnie the Pooh stories. Your fence, if it stayed up during the previous storm called Ciara, would be safe but your umbrella wouldn't stand a chance.  You see them in the High Street, discarded umbrellas turned inside out.  Their stays exposed like the ribs of decaying animals…

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