The Dancing Dust Bunny!

When I was little I used to watch a children's program called 'Captain Kangaroo'.   One of the characters on this program was the Dancing Bear.  It wasn't a real bear, just some guy dressed up in a bear suit.  He didn't really dance either, just sort of shuffled around.  Such was the quality of children's telly in the 'good old days'.   

So when I saw these photos Andy took of the Dust Bunny playing in the garden,  it reminded me of the Dancing Bear.   

He's not really dancing but he is quite a little mover!

His front paws are very expressive!

I am not sure if this a ballet move or jazz hands!

He finally got his hind legs going.  I think this is a move I saw in 'Saturday Night Fever'.

Oh heavens, I think he's singing and dancing here.

Yeap, he's singing.  Look, he's pretending to hold a microphone!

Uh oh, he's stopped.   I think he's embarrassed.   I shouldn't have laughed.  

Sorry, I wasn't laughing AT you.  Oh dear, I think I've offended him.  Sorry!  Honestly, he is a much better dancer than the Dancing Bear!


  1. Belle série de photos, beau félin.

  2. There is something about little cat paws - I just want to squeeze them!

    1. They look like little velvet mittens but it would be very dangerous to try squeezing this kitty's paws. He's fully loaded, armed and dangerous! He looks furry purry but inside he is PURE tomcat! I have the scars to prove it! : )

  3. Hi Aunt Deb!
    Beefy and I think that was hilarious!!!! I hope someday we can meet your Dust Bunny! ;)
    Love, Jessica

    1. Hi Jess and Beefy!

      I am glad you liked the Dust Bunny Dance. He doesn't dance very often but when he does he really goes for it! You've got to see it! : ) Actually, it's more a 'Happy Dance' when he gets a piece of chicken. Oh dear, I think I just gave away the secret! ; )

      Love ya lots!
      Aunt Deb X


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