How to Make a Jam Jar Posy by Common Farm Flowers

Here in Britain there is a group of very talented florists and flower farmers who are working on a revolutionary scheme... they want us to buy locally grown British flowers.   How radical is that!

This group of green fingered florists are the most kind and generous people you will ever meet.  They are willing to show you how to grow your own cut flowers and even teach you how to make your own beautiful arrangements. 

Georgie Newbury, of COMMON FARM FLOWERS, is one of the most talented flower farmers and has taught me the secret to growing beautiful roses for my own petite posies. Now she's made a video that will teach us all how to make the perfect jam jar posy. Click HERE to see Georgie's Jam Jar Posy Video.

For more flowers, tips, and beautiful bouquets take a look at Georgie's blog:


  1. Thank you for posting this link. It is very inspiring. I am now peering at my garden to see if I can find enough bits and pieces to make my own jam jar posy. :)

    1. Georgie is inspirational and a lovely person. I'd love to take one of her flower arranging courses.


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