Keeping an Eye on the Patch

All cats have a territory they consider to be their own.  Here in Britain, they call it a 'patch'.   Our little cat considers the allotments which lie behind our house to be HIS patch.

By night, he patrols his patch, making endless trips to and from the kitchen to have a nibble of food or warm his paws.  

Nothing escapes his steely gaze.  He knows every bug, mouse, hedgehog, and fox living in the allotments.  

All through the night he guards his patch, his house, and his people. Occasionally he will bring us a mouse for a midnight snack but most nights he spends watching and waiting until dawn.

Then it's time for a snack and a snooze and his arch rival, the Siamese cat, takes over the patch.  Well, no one can keep guard 24 hours a day!  


  1. Oh my he is gorgeous but I would faint at the sight of a mouse in my house, dead or alive. I know its instinctual but ugh. Good thing he's so handsome. =^.^=


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