Five Hundred Tiny Lights Later....

I had a plan for the Christmas tree.  The plan was to put as many lights on the tree as possible and STOP... no ornaments, no garland, just lights.  Andy and I carefully arranged 500 tiny lights on the big Christmas tree - then I saw this in one of the storage boxes.

I'd forgotten we had Snow Bird ornaments.  

This was not going according to plan.  How could I resist the robins in Santa hats?

Then there were these little snow bird ornaments that match the snow birds on the Welsh dresser..... so they went on the tree, too.

Every little bird needs a warm house, on went the tiny bird houses.

And they wouldn't be snow birds without snow, well, you get the idea.  The tree is full of snow birds, snowflakes, icicles, and tiny birdhouses.

I had a plan,  we would only use lights on the Christmas tree.....  so much for the plan.


  1. You are way too organised - I have not even put up a tree yet - but my plans tend to go like yours & evolve as I go along ….

    1. I like to get the tree up as early as possible so I have time to change my mind about the decorations. : D I will be adding things and taking away bits up to Christmas day.


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