Wooden Spoon Butter

I love wooden kitchen tools.  I have several wooden cutting boards and a mountain of wooden spoons.  After a while and some hard use, these kitchen work horses need some tender loving care.  That's where 'Spoon Butter' comes into play. 

Spoon butter is an old fashion beeswax polish, the sort that would nourish any natural wood surface.  Made from only two ingredients, beeswax and vegetable oil, it is safe for cutting boards, wooden spoons, and that wooden salad set you probably have tucked in the back of the pantry. 

If you have some wood that needs feeding, CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE for Spoon Butter.   Wait 'til you see how beautiful your cutting board is going to be!


  1. I love wooden spoons and cutting boards too. Good idea, I will give it a try. Go now to print the recipe. Thank you.

  2. Oh I'm going to have a look at that, my wooden spoons are the worse for wear, one even broke in half the other week. Thanks for sharing

  3. I so so so need this!! I've been wondering if there was something that could help bring mine back to life. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Nicole xo

  4. I made it, but i think i have bad paint
    I have to do that again


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