Apple Harvest 2015

Ask any gardener and they will tell you, this has been a tough summer for growing fruits and vegetables.  We've battled bugs, cold nights, and dry days. The tomatoes are dismal. The strawberries were sparse.  Somehow, the two little apple trees managed to give us a good crop!

Some are a bit wonky, bug bitten, and small but there are lots of them.  I'll use the spotty ones to make apple jelly.  

Some will be baked into cakes, muffins, and crumbles.  None will go to waste. Best of all, we had the pleasure of watching them grow from delicate pink blossoms into fragrant autumn apples. I love apple picking time! 


  1. Our apple tree is sagging under the weight of all the apples!! If you do post any apple recipes and are interested in linking up to a linky post I have a one off apple linky up on my blog now! There are some great ideas already linked up too like an apple lasagne! Either way I look forward to seeing your apple bakes and recipes!! I love apples!!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! : D I am currently doing some 'research' for prospective recipes. I am SO curious about apple lasagne!

  2. They look pretty good to me! I'm not sure which scent I prefer - apple blossom or fresh apples.


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