Pear and Apple Pie

I love pears but they can be an awkward fruit.  They start out hard as bullets, malingering in the fruit bowl for days.   Suddenly, without warning, they can
turn soft ... too soft if you don't watch them. I am afraid I took my eye off the ball, or more accurately put, the pears.  They did exactly what pears do...became slightly over ripe.  I was about to bake a pear cake when Andy said he preferred a pie.  

My response was, 'But we've just had an apple pie.'   Andy replied 'Yeah, and I really enjoyed it'.  OK, pear and apple pie it is.

I used this BASIC APPLE PIE RECIPE.  Two pears were substituted for some of the apples.  I add a teaspoon of vanilla extract to the filling mixture and reduced the cinnamon to 1/2 teaspoon.  To my surprise, IT WORKED!  

So if you find yourself with a pair of awkward pears, try this pie.  It really is rather good! 


  1. Pear and apple pie sounds great! Although did the over ripe pear not turn to mush? or was it still ripe enough to hold shape? Just curious!

    1. Thanks Lisa! The pears seemed to almost melt into the filling rather than making a mush. I would always use a higher proportion of apples to pears just to make sure the pie didn't go mushy.


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