Keeping Traditions Alive - Elevenses

I am a traditionalist.  Some might translate that to 'Old Fashioned' but I don't mind.  Some things are too good to let slip away.  The mid-morning coffee break or Elevenses is one of those great traditions that should be honoured as often as possible... at least once a day!

Traditional recipes should be remembered and made, too.  This morning's revisited recipe is for SNICKERDOODLES!

Rolled in cinnamon and sugar, these old fashioned American cookies are great with a cup of coffee for Elevenses.  They also make a lovely after school treat for those too young for Elevenses.   Click HERE for the recipe and enjoy an old fashioned treat.


  1. I love Elevenses - especially if there is a delicious biscuit and good magazine to hand!

  2. I think elevenses is one of my favourite words - it seems to embody warmth and structure and self-care all at once. Good for you, being a traditionalist!


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