The Watercolour Artist and the Colouring Book

Some folks get a bit sniffy about the new adult colouring books.  'This isn't real art' they will say.  Well, here is a video by a REAL watercolour artist who loves painting in adult colouring books.  Watch, learn, and be inspired!

CLICK HERE to go to YouTube and the video. ENJOY!


  1. Do you ever use the water soluble pencil crayons? Not as wetting as paint but you can use a damp brush to blend.

    1. I have some watercolour pencils which I've never used. Now could be the time to break them out.

  2. Thanks for that, loved the video and feel inspired to get a book and some pencils, maybe even some watercolour pencils. :o)

  3. I too have been won over by buying the books Debs. I often colour with my youngest students to chivvy them along & they really find it therapeutic so like you, I have bought some wonderful crayons - I just need some more time ...


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