OMG! We've Got An Allotment!

It has been weeks since I last wrote a blog post.  There are many trivial reasons why:
1.   Andy has been dieting so there is NO baking going on here. 
2.   I've been too busy taking care of domestic chores.
3.   I've been too lazy after doing domestic chores.  

But this is probably the main reason,  I've been in negotiations for the allotment behind our garden fence.  Yesterday at about 9:30 am we got the 'go ahead' and THIS is this the challenge we now face.

By my calculations, nothing much has been done to this plot since this time last year.  There were four foot tall beet plants and a row of parsnip plants that had grown to about eight foot high.  The blackberry bush had made a bid for world domination and viciously lashed out me every time I walked past it.  Undaunted, Andy and I went out and bought the most ferocious weed whacking machine we could find and by 3:30 pm we were hacking our way through the jungle.  

By 20:45 last night it looked like this:

I know, it still looks a bit rough around the edges.... and in the middle, to be honest.  But at least you can see the beds and a glimmer of the potential of this sadly neglected patch.  So... if you don't see me around much for a while it's because we got an allotment!  


  1. Well please share your alloment adventures x

  2. How exciting! What a massive improvement already and wonderful that it is just the other side of the fence. It will be great fun :)

    1. I have been waiting for this exact plot for 14 years. It is in a bit of a state but hopefully we will soon get it into shape.

  3. Great news! Wow what a difference a few hours made.

  4. Wow! How exciting! I loved my allotment and still miss it, I shall enjoy yours instead :-)

  5. How fab is that? We have our name down for one however there are 26 others ahead of us at the mo which is probably just as well as I'm in travel mode so no time to do anything anyway. You have done a fantastic job so far I'll look forward to reading more about it.

  6. I can't help but think how your Dad is smiling so big about your plot of land! It is something you own, rent, neither? Wondering how something like that works over there. Our HS has some land that is divided up and free for the community to use and I'm guessing yours might work the same way. Our church tried it for one year but the soil was terrible and not enough people to keep it going. I think it may have produced two tomatos tops. Sounds like a labor of love and one I would enjoy in a few years when I have an extra minute or two to spare. Can't wait to see the progress!


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