First Poly Tunnel Harvest

Life is a funny thing.  What you like and what you think you like are often two different things.  Take our poly tunnel, for example, it was already on our allotment when we got the plot and I cursed it for being a blot on the landscape. Now it is one of my favourite things.

In the beginning, the poly tunnel was full of weeds, dried up tomato plants, and every kind of bug you can imagine.  The infestation was so bad that a bite on Andy's arm required a trip to A&E for treatment.  Now it is filled with vigorous young plants.  Today I harvested my first crop, this lovely chard.  It will be interesting to see how far into the autumn-winter season we will be able to enjoy fresh vegetables from the plot.  


  1. I love the brightly colour stems of some chard - they are jewel like - well done on your progress!


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