Thursday, 9 February 2017

Growing Old Disgracefully

I don't know where I first saw Inge Look's art work but I have fallen in love with her 'Aunties' paintings.  

These two old girls prove that it is more fun to grow old disgracefully than to preserve one's dignity.  They never fail to make me smile.  It is so cold this morning that I thought this picture would make the perfect post.  I plan to follow the Aunties' lead and stay close to the fire and the teapot today. However, I don't think I'll be wearing the tea cosy as a hat! 


  1. It is in the 20 degrees (farenheit) here and cloudy again. We had a few warm springlike days which felt so good, but now we have fallen back into February winter temps and this coldness feels like it is in my bones. In my personal real life version of the Aunties painting I am currently wearing my softest, oldest sweater with a flannel pajama top over it, old soft baggy slacks, Vicks Vaporub on my knees and on the bottoms of my feet and two pairs of heavy socks. I am sitting near a humidifier/hot steam vaporizer instead of a wood stove. My lunch is not near so pretty as what the Aunties are having. I'm having a Braunschweiger sandwich, which is causing my little black Fuzzy Pomeranian to leap, spin, and stamp his feet for his share of the Braunschweiger. With the Vicks Vaporub and Braunschweiger fumes I will have to briefly open the door to air the place out before anyone else comes home, or else cook something that will smell so good it will overpower the Braunschweiger and Vicks.

    1. Funny you should mention Vicks Vaporub. I've just Vicks-ed my feet and donned the old ski socks, too. I have on so many layers that I can barely bend at the elbows but despite all the bother, I do love these cozy, winter-y days. They are especially nice when you have a fuzzy, black, fur person to share your sandwich. : D