We live in Devon down on the south coast.  The weather down here is always a bit nicer than almost anywhere else in Great Britain.  But once every few years something most unusual happens... IT SNOWS!

The last time we had any real accumulation of snow was in 2010 and this little chap was just a kitten.  

I think he kind of remembers what snow is.  He thinks he'd like to go out and play in it but.....

It does make a mess of his fur and he really doesn't like that too much. 

In the end he decided it was best just to come back indoors and watch it through the French windows.  

The snow is still falling heavily and is supposed to continue for quite some time. 

At this rate, I don't think we will be able to find Peter Rabbit in the morning.  


  1. We did not have so much snow here all winter! A topsy-turvy season!
    Poor Dust Bunny, looks like dusted with icing sugar! ;-)

  2. That is one gorgeous and very brave cat!

  3. Pas un cadeau les poils longs et la neige !

    1. His fur is so long and thick I don't think he felt the snow until his paws got cold.


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