Act Casual, Say Nothing!

Here's a little something for almost wordless Wednesday. What do you do when you've been caught in the act?

Someone was being naughty, hiding in the bushes under the bird feeders.

He knew he was caught.  'If I close my eyes you can't see me', he thought.

'Oh drat, you are still there! I'll act as if nothing was going on.'

'I wasn't really doing anything wrong, besides it's time for breakfast!'   Act casual, say NOTHING!


  1. lol! That's the way it is! So funny... cat are the same, all over the world!

    1. He is such a naughty little cat but we love him all the same.

    2. It's not really naughty - he has strength of character :-)

    3. It is a good thing he knew how to hunt. He lived wild for several months before he adopted us. Now he has food anytime he asks for it. Probably too much food! : )


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