Indoor Ornithology

It's been cold and grey and rainy today, not a good day to go out.  So I've pottered about the house a lot, drinking cups of hot tea and watching the birds in the garden.  

Four well stocked feeders bring in a lot of hungry little visitors so I thought I'd try to take a few photos through the French doors.  As a result, the quality of the photos isn't very good but I stayed warm and dry.

I won't attempt to identify the birds.  My Ornithological knowledge is limited at the best of times.  But we have several varieties of finches, tits and a robin or three that are regulars in our garden.

The robins are very territorial so we have witnessed a few Robin Wars. 

The blackbirds are a bit argumentative, too.  

But most of the little birds just get on quietly with their dinner.

All the while keeping an eye out for the most committed Ornithologist of all..

That very fluffy cat known as the DUST BUNNY!


  1. So nice to see all these various birds! ... and the one who keeps his eyes peeled that the bird feeders never get too overcrowded! ;-)

    1. You can see who is the boss at our house! ; )

  2. The look on your cat's face is a classic!

    My bird feeders are all down the garden (it's on a slope) so it's really hard to get any decent photos of them. I recently put some feeders up by the kitchen, but they just got constantly raided by the squirrels so I gave up.

    1. The cat HATES having his photo taken, he caught that from me. I am photo-phobic, too. I know what you mean about the squirrels. They can clean out a feeder in record time. I have admitted defeat and just feed anything that comes into the garden; birds, squirrels, hedgehogs and the occasional badger!


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