Newspaper Plant Pots

Like most people who do a little gardening, I've been sowing some seeds.  Seeds are funny little things.   Either they don't germinate or they explode and you have hundreds of tiny seedlings!  Each little seedling must have a pot of it's own to grow into a proper, productive plant! 

I have a problem,  I don't have nearly enough pots to accommodate this many seedlings.   And there are more seedlings to come!

Fortunately I've found a green solution, home made newspaper flower pots.  Click on this link to the London Vegetable Garden for easy instructions to help you make your own newspaper plant pots.  

I've used a bit of masking tape to secure the bottom and side seams.  Then I've turned down the top to make a little cuff.  This helps to reinforce the pot and makes it easier to fill with compost.  This would be a great, green, gardening project for kids.  And when your seedling is ready to be transplanted, you just plant the whole pot.  Simple!


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    1. I give a lot of cuttings to family and friends now I don't have enough plastic pots for my seedlings. Next time, I am going to use newspaper pots when I share my plants. : )

  2. Complete recycling pots! Great idea!
    I saw "pots" made of the paperboard inside of a tissue kitchen roll.

    1. I've seen those too! That's another great idea.


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