Chandos Beauty

For once I am bang on schedule for an Almost Wordless Wednesday and I have a Beauty for you.  No, that's her name, Chandos Beauty.

This rose is a new addition to my garden, an impulse purchase, and I can't stop looking at her.

Evenings are when I get to spend the most time in my garden and Chandos Beauty is wonderful in the evening light.  

Her scent is wonderful, too.   It's what I would consider a traditional rose fragrance.

Click HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION  about Chandos Beauty.  I am just going to enjoy the view.  


  1. Wow, that's a gorgeous rose! I love how you call it 'she' :)

  2. What a wonderfully romantic rose!

  3. Replies
    1. I think it's the colour that makes it so lovely.

  4. Beautifully PRECIOUS!
    mjf @twtrxtwo

  5. Your Roses always look in tip top condition - stunning!


    1. Thanks Angela. The roses have been very healthy this year due to the warm dry spell. I am trying to feed them on a regular basis and they are really responding to the extra attention. : )


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