Last of the Summer Roses

There is no denying it, Autumn is just about here.   Most of my garden has already given up on the Summer and has stopped blooming but the roses aren't going without one last glorious flush of flowers.   

So for Wordless Wednesday here are the last of the summer roses. 

They all look a bit tired and tattered now but not less beautiful for it.  The roses put on a brilliant show this year now it's time for them to have a well earned rest.   


  1. I have a lovely yellow rose in a pot which only managed one bloom earlier in the year, until I fed it rose fertiliser and now,over the past few weeks, it has been covered in blooms. Better late than never! Your roses still look wonderful.

  2. Beautiful roses. And I love your positive attitude to the change in weather.

  3. Beautiful flowers! Vary bright and colorful Love, Sara


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