Dartington Hall Gardens - Part III

When we last met, Andy and I were standing in the  elegant presence of FLORA at Dartington Hall Gardens .  A great storm had been forecast and we were desperate to see all the colourful autumn leaves before they were scattered from the trees.

We could feel the weather closing in so we hurried down the path, through the woods where we saw a clump of bright shrubs.

Now this what I had been hoping to see.... brilliant foliage!

 All of Autumn's rich colours were here in this little collection of plants.

And there were some prickly pods, too. 

Even Henry Moore's reclining lady seemed transfixed by the display.

By now, what had felt like mist began to turn into droplets.  There was one last statue we had to find.  We couldn't leave until we'd seen him.  We had to find the little donkey!

 We hurried down the path, the wind growing stronger, and there waiting patiently was the most lovely little donkey!

We stroked his ears, took his photograph and promised we'd visit him again.  Then we hurried up the path, past the serene Buddha....

Past the thatched summer house...

And out into a torrential downpour!  I decided then and there, I'd be coming back to the garden...perhaps next weekend.  I am sure there will be even more colourful scenes to photograph.  

Click on this link to plan a visit to DARTINGTON HALL.


  1. Really wonderful place! Love these coloured leaves! You have to visit that place again in a more leisurely way - it sounds like doing a fitness parcour, as you had to hurry through this lovely parc due to the storm coming up! :-)

    1. Next time I'll make sure the weather forecast is for a bright, sunny day. : )

  2. Replies
    1. It is a wonderful garden and even more enchanting in Autumn. : )

  3. What fabulous colours - I really love Autumn & the stunning colour - sadly the strong winds & rain seem to have taken its toll on the trees this year. I have not been to Dartington Hall but it is worth a visit ....

    1. Autumn is my favourite season. I can't get enough of the beautiful leaves.


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