Dartington Hall Gardens

Diary entry:  Saturday, October 26, 2013

Weatherman is forecasting a devastating storm for most of Britain, winds up to 100 miles per hour.  Visited Dartington Hall Gardens, took photos, ate tapas, got rained on, went grocery shopping, baked 12 tiny turnovers and a mini tart. V. busy day!

As, you know, I love autumn for it's beautiful foliage.  With severe weather blowing in, we knew we'd have to get somewhere fast if we wanted to photograph the colourful leaves before they were ripped off the trees by hurricane force winds.  Dartington Hall Gardens near Totnes was the perfect solution.


Bright pink leaves of Virginia Creeper covered the outer walls, this was a good start.
Formal beds and stone paths led us through the arch and into the courtyard where we encountered this...
The Great Hall.  The Great Hall was build around 1388 for the half brother of King Richard II.   The hall is decorated with carvings of the White Hart, the emblem of King Richard II.......
Hence the name of the Pub where we had tapas for lunch.

This stunning and historic architecture is worth the visit alone, but we were here to see the gardens.  And this is where they begin...
But this blog post stops here.   I have so much more to show you and I want to save it for another day. 
If you are intrigued, read more about the Dartington Hall Trust and their educational programs for the Arts,  Sustainability, and Social Justice by clicking  HERE  and  HERE . 


  1. Dartington Hall, I remember to have visited this with our garden club many years ago. Lovely to see it again and you were just in time, we have such a severe storm here in Holland. The garden changed in a few hours in one great mess. Looking forward to more about the gardens of Dartington Hall.

    1. I am sorry to hear you were badly hit by the storm. We were very lucky to avoid much damage. More Dartington Hall is on the way!

  2. I went to a music school there when I was at secondary school. Great place!

    1. You clever girl! I am so envious. What a wonderful place to go to school. Most of the great talents in Britain seem to have been educated there.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the colours of the creepers, and the foliage around the pub sign. The hall looks very impressive.
    I think I was having a senior moment, I read part two first, and thought I was on part three!


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