A Tail Tale

The Dust Bunny has the most beautiful tail.  It is one of the finest tails I've ever seen on a little cat, covered in very long, thick, shiny, black fur and... 

Leaves, twigs, seeds, and sunflower shells!

He reminds me of Pig-Pen, from the old Charlie Brown cartoons.   Charming as he is, he frequently travels in a cloud of dust and debris.

I don't think he wants to be a 'Pig-Pen'.  He is constantly grooming and cleaning. 

He tries to keep the mud off his paws ....

And he works very hard to keep the twigs out of his tummy fur.

It must be terrible to have to use your tongue as a flannel.  No wonder he looks so untidy sometimes.

But he cleans and cleans until finally....

He looks very handsome.

You'd never know what a mess he'd been if it wasn't for the trail of garden detritus!  


  1. Replies
    1. His fur will turn more red and rusty with the summer sun.

  2. Mr Dust Bunny is a very handsome cat - it must be wonderful to have a majestic black plume of a tail!

    1. Thank you! He uses that tail to send us very clear messages in cat semaphore. ; D

  3. He is very handsome.

    1. We think he is lovely. He thinks he is a tough guy. ; )


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