Mr. Bumble's Bum

I noticed something rather lovely in the garden this evening.  There is a small clutch of blue bearded iris in bloom and below them are a couple of small ceanothus plants EXACTLY the same colour!

I don't know why this surprised me.  I planted them, but you forget from one spring to the next, well I do.  So every year it's a pleasant surprise to see what blooms in the garden.

Take this delicate peach azalea, for example.  This year it is putting on the best show ever. 

Standing near it you begin to realise it seems to be humming.... buzzing actually. 

Then you see why.  Unfortunately, I only managed to get a photo of Mr. Bumble's bum.   


  1. Love that azalea, as does Mr Bumble by the looks of it :-)

  2. I always get 'surprised' by things I have planted. The azalea is very pretty, and I am sure it is making the bees very happy.

  3. And very fine posterior he has too!


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