Apple Picking Time

Isn't it strange how quickly things change.  One day it feels like high summer and the next day you feel autumn coming in.  It's overnight really, just that fast. 

It was that 'feeling' of change that made me think I should check to see if the apples were ripe.  When an apple just came off the tree and settled into the palm of my hand I knew it was time to harvest my little crop. 

I have a thing for apples.  I grew up in the part of Missouri where you could drive for miles and miles and see big apple orchards on either side of the road.  When the apples were ripe, we'd go to the fruit stands and buy pecks and bushels of apples. I'd eat one or two on the way home...Golden Delicious were my favourites. 

The larger orchards would have warehouses filled with apples ready to send to market.  The scent of all that fruit was intoxicating, so beautiful.  It all seemed rustic and romantic but apple farming is a serious industry.  Missouri's apple orchards yield about 46 million pounds of apples each season.  

Now I live in the Southwest of England.  In some parts of the county there are big apple orchards running along the side of the road.  These apples are for the cider industry.  When the cider apples are harvested there is an intoxicating scent in the air....even more intoxicating when the cider is pressed.

And my little crop...well, it wasn't as good as last year's.  We had a bit of a drought, a small problem with spider mites, and something kept pecking holes into the apples as they were ripening on the trees.  There are some good apples and some with blemishes that will need using immediately. Every apple smells delicious.  They all smell a little bit like autumn.  


  1. The fresh red blush on your apples make me happy. It's nice to have your own crop of apples, even if it's little.

    1. No matter how small, bruised, or bug bitten the apples are, it's always a delight to say 'I grew those'. : )x

  2. The girls and I are headed to our annual apple orchard outing this Saturday with my Mom, Aunt and cousin! We look forward to it every year. I look forward to the apple cider doughnuts they bake and sell there!


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