Vintage Bakeware aka Antique Madeleines

I've been look for old fashioned baking tins for ages!  They are rare as hen's teeth these days.  Every food photographer, kitchenalia collector, and food blogger has snapped up anything that looks remotely like antique kitchenware. 

Well, you can imagine how delighted I was to learn that GIRL'S OWN STORE has just the sort of thing I had been wanting.  In just a few mouse clicks and less than two days, I was ready to bake Madeleines in my very own oyster shell bun tin. 

I love the subtle shell pattern on these little cakes. I must confess my imagination got the better of  me. I wonder who used this bun tin and what sort of cakes they baked all those years ago. 

For now, this is going to be my Madeleine tin.   If you'd like to bake a batch for yourself, you can find the BUN TIN MADELEINE RECIPE HERE.  Antique bun tins are not required to bake them but they do make Madeleines just a little bit more special.  


  1. They not only look delicious but beautiful as well! SO wonderful when you can find pieces like these! Happy week you! Nicole xo

  2. How pretty your little cakes look. Love the tin too. I may just have to check out that website!


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