2015 Tulip Review

I've just deadheaded the last of my tulips for this spring.  It has to be said, 2015 was a very good year.  Here's a look back at the star performers.  

Despite my best efforts, I managed to loose the label for these bright tulips.  I'd be grateful for any suggestions as to what they might be. 

These were called Apricot Foxx.  

The pale tulip in the background was Apricot Beauty.

This is Apricot Beauty in bud. 

La Belle Epoque was the best in show.  It started with a cup shaped flower and matured into a delicate pink peony-like blossom

It was stunningly beautiful right to the very end. 

Sad as it is to see the tulips leave the garden, the roses are showing lots of tight little buds.  We won't have to wait much longer to be back in bloom. 


  1. Deadheading my tulips is on my job list today. That and spreading manure . . . . oh, the joys of Spring, LOL.

  2. An amazing selection of tulips indeed Debs! My mouth is on the floor! What a show full of beauty! Here is to more blooms to come!!! Nicole xo

  3. Wonderful last tulips! They lasted long this year because it´s too cold for the time of year. Here are tulips still flowering too and first roses have started to bloom already. A strange combination.

  4. How lovely. We don't have any tulips in our garden. I think I must get organised and plant some next autumn.


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