Stolen 15th Century Church Art Is Found!

It isn't very often that you read something in the newspapers that fills your heart with delight. You may remember the post I wrote on the ancient church in the tiny village of Torbryan.  It contains one of the most complete Medieval rood screens in Britain.  

Not long after this photo was taken, thieves entered the church and tore out some of the 15th century panels.  It was a cruel and devastating blow to the people who loved this little church and the art it had preserved for so many centuries. 

Today there is wonderful news...the stolen panels have been FOUND!  They will require some restoration work but will be returned to their original positions in the rood screen.   To assure the safety of this precious work of art, a security system has been installed.  It all seems like a modern day miracle to have them back again.

CLICK HERE to read more about how the panels were recovered.


  1. I am so glad they were recovered! They are stunning! Back where they belong and a security system is a great idea. Now everyone can enjoy their beauty once again!!! Have a great day friend! Nicole xo


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