A Ship Wreck and The Sea Shanty

In 2007 a 62000 tonne container ship called the Napoli was wrecked and run aground at Branscombe beach.  It was like a scene from Poldark.  Scores of people flocked to the beach;  some just to see a real ship wreck, some to test their luck at looting some of the escaped cargo. 

It  made the national news.  The village was gridlocked with reporters, chancers, and gawking spectators.  To my Mid-Western imagination it was a little distressing and wildly romantic. 

Now the only thing left from the wreck of the Napoli is the giant anchor, but still people flock to the pebble beach at Branscombe. 

This area is part of the JURASSIC COAST.  Instead of flotsam and jetsam, you can find fossils.  

Children come equipped with buckets and spades for a Do-It-Yourself dinosaur hunt.  

If you look really hard you may see down to our part of the bay.  

Hundreds of hikers walk the coastal paths along this World Heritage Site. 

Andy and just like to come down for a spot of lunch and enjoy the view from the cosy interior of the Sea Shanty Tea Rooms.

CLICK HERE  for more information about the wreck of the Napoli and Brancombe beach. 


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