Cromwell's Grey Velvet - Wolf Hall Costumes

For as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated by Tudor history.  When I found out that one of our favourite National Trust properties, BARRINGTON COURT, had a special display of costumes from WOLF HALL it was a sure thing we would be going to see it! 

Since these are theatrical costumes, you can get up close and photograph the beautiful details.  Something I was itching to do!

The attention to detail is astonishing!  Yes, there are a few cheats.  I don't think the black work on this chemise was hand embroidered but the construction of the gown appears to be historically accurate. 

The costumes for the main characters have many hand finished details. 

For example, eyelets and button holes are hand finished.  

The ladies gowns were put together with pins, just as they would have done in Tudor times. 

This allowed sleeves, bodices, and skirts to be mixed and matched.  

One can only wonder how long it took to dress a lady in those days.

This rose coloured gown, and the previous golden gown were costumes for Anne Boleyn. 

Bodice detail from the rose gown. 

As you would expect, the costumes for Henry VIII were the most lavish.

It's amazing seeing the costumes in the rooms where the scenes were filmed.  

Cardinal Wolsey's ghost seems to haunt the room which was used as his bedchamber. 

Detail of Wolsey's sleeve.  Do you remember that scene, the sexy one about Cromwell's Grey Velvet?

Here it is, complete with codpiece!

The Wolf Hall costumes will be on display until November 1st.   It is a 'must see' if you love Tudor history, fashion and Wolf Hall


  1. Wow! Amazing looking costumes and so good to be able to see them up close. I wonder how many hours of work to make them!

  2. So jealous! Really hoping the exhibition tours elsewhere; it looks great.

  3. The work on those costumes is incredible. You can't beat the Tudors; they were the soap opera of their day!


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