Chocolate Meringue Pie

Back when I was a kid growing up in the middle of Missouri, Pot Luck Suppers were a common social event.   Everyone would load up their picnic baskets with plates, cutlery, and napkins and take their favourite 'feed an army' dish to add to the L-O-N-G  buffet table.  For some folks it would be potato salad or macaroni cheese.  There was always fried chicken and home made dinner rolls. But the BEST thing you could find on the pot luck buffet was a Chocolate Meringue Pie!  

There was one lady, known as Mable, who always brought two beautiful pies. Two pies were a very generous contribution but there was no way there would be enough for everyone to get a slice.  

Fortunately, I was little, wiry, and stealthy enough to always find a way to the front of the cue for pie.  Eventually, the grown-ups would just gently shove me to the front of the line knowing how fond I was of Chocolate Meringue Pie.

I hadn't thought of chocolate pie for years.  I don't know why but it just sort of slipped out of my memory.  But in the past day or two I haven't been able to get it out of my mind.

So I did a little research on-line, as you do, and found this EASY CHOCOLATE MERINGUE RECIPE using store cupboard staples.  In no time at all I was enjoying a slice of Chocolate Meringue Pie. 

Thanks for the inspiration, Mable!  


  1. Ooo! Yummy. I've had lemon meringue pie but never chocolate.

  2. come to papa!! That looks soooooo good Debs...

    1. It's old fashioned and all-American. ; D I love it!


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