Plum Patch

I am not a 'purple' person.  My taste in flowers runs more towards the pale pinks, blush, and peachy tones mixed with a bit of blue and white. Somehow I seem to have a rather large patch of plum flowers in the garden right now. 

I don't remember intentionally planting this group of flowers in such a coordinated way.  I tend to purchase plants first and figure out where to put them later.

This may have been a fortunate accident... or ... perhaps I did it intuitively.  

Either way, I am enjoying the change.  


  1. I do exactly the same Debs - I buy plants then have to find spaces for them. I love your colour palette & selection - so gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Dee! From year to year I forget what I've bought and where I planted it. As a result, my garden is a constant source of surprise for me.

  2. Lovely flowerbed! These different shades of the same colours are beautiful!


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