Gifts from Calendula

You meet some of the most wonderful people when you use the internet.  Some of them are on Twitter, some on Facebook.  Sometimes you make a special connection with someone who reads your blog.  That was the case with Calendula and me.  She's a very talented photographer and pharmacist who lives in Germany.  Most of all, Calendula is very kind and generous.  Today a parcel arrived in the post, from Germany!

You can tell a lot from the way a parcel is packed.  The brown paper wrapping was perfect with immaculate corners.  The contents lovingly cushioned in bubble wrap and brown paper.  This gift was carefully considered each item chosen to delight and delight it did!

The moment I extracted the bunny bag from the box someone couldn't wait to see what was inside.

He could tell there was something special inside for him but he was going to have to wait his turn. 

First out of the bag was some delicious chocolates.  He gave them a good sniff of approval. Sorry kitty, these are mine!

Second, was a generous selection of herb and flower seeds, perfectly timed for sowing. I can't wait get started planting them.

Next was an adorable bunny!  He is the perfect addition to our Easter egg collection.  

Finally, what he had been waiting for.... a VALERIAN mouse and kitty soup!  

YUM!  The soup is delicious.  

And the mouse...well, this is the best mouse EVER!   Thank you Calendula for sending us this wonderful parcel.  We really can't thank you enough!

Click HERE to visit Calendula's blog and see some of her wonderful photography. 


  1. Thanks for this wonderful post and the photos! It's so funny to see all these things at your home and to know that they are welcome!

  2. Thank you for your generous and thoughtful gifts. You couldn't have sent us anything we would enjoy more. It as if you could read our wish lists and ticked off every item. It has made made my day and I know I will get great pleasure growing all the herbs and flowers, all very much appreciated. XxX


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