Vernal Equinox 2018

Tomorrow is officially the first day of spring, the day when you expect to see  daffodils blooming in the hedge rows and lambs gamboling in the fields.  But sometimes the first day of spring looks more like this.

It started as an icing sugar dusting of snow...

After a few hours of constant snowfall the garden was covered in a deep blanket of white.

Snow has magical properties, it transforms the most simple things into magical structures, like this contorted hazel tree.

Even the little bird house looks cosier.

Beautiful as this final display of winter weather may be, there are some folk who really don't enjoy it that much...

Especially when the snow comes up to your knees and elbows. 

Never mind, tomorrow is the first day of spring, surely the daffodils will be out and the snow will be gone.  

It says so on the calendar. 


  1. Oh dear! I read on BBC News about drivers that got stuck on the A30 in Devon the night before last (and with them my package for you, I'm afraid!). So unusual news from your region!
    Last weekend, we had lots of snow, too – but that's quite normal here in the Black Forest, and we are accustomed to it.
    Hold on! Spring is coming soon!

    1. I love the cold and snow so this unusual weather has been a special treat for me. Today the thaw began so I expect everything will be back to normal tomorrow. You are too kind, sending me a parcel. I will let you know the minute it arrives. xxx

  2. Hé hé...-18° ce matin ici !

    1. Brrrrrr! The snow has already begun to thaw. We really have no idea what a real winter storm is like.


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