A Game of Cat-n-Mouse

Most days we like to have a little play.  One of our favourite games is Cat-n-Mouse.   Today the little dust bunny cat chose his lime green catnip mouse. 

The rules are pretty simple, I put the mouse into play by tossing it to the cat, generally it has to land under the dining table.

The cat then proceeds to kick, bite, and chew on the mouse.  You get extra points for mouse tail biting.

Should the mouse be kicked out of bounds, the human must toss the mouse back into play.

The duration of the game is determined by the cat. 

There is one very important final rule you MUST follow. 

Under no circumstances ever try to take the mouse away from the Dust Bunny.  Breaking this rule will result in injury and a penalty to the human player. 


  1. Oh, cats love games of that sort! The Dust Bunny looks so happy!
    I like your new blog template! It's arranging the blog posts neatly and you can spot different posts at a glance! Great!

    1. Thanks, Calendula. I changed the template on a whim and am rather glad I did. I have to say, the Dust Bunny adores the mouse you sent him. I have to hide it from him so he and the mouse can have a rest.

  2. La souris va perdre ses oreilles rapidement !

    1. It is his tail that is most in danger today.


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