On The Wish List, Pompon Dahlias

I've spoken of my allotment friend, J.P., who grows and breeds prize winning dahlias.  He is taking some of his best flowers to a competition this weekend. 

I was curious to see what varieties he is growing this summer so I took a walk up to his plot. 

He has a wide variety of plants but the ones that really looked the most interesting to me were the Pompon Dahlias. 

I am particularly fascinated by their cone shaped petals.

The flowers are smaller than the huge, dinner plate varieties.   They fit beautifully in cut flower posies, harmonising with roses, daisies, and zinnias. 

They are definitely on my Wish List for next summer's cutting garden. 


  1. Perfectly, precisely beautiful! These are on my list too!

  2. They are so beautiful and perfectly grown!


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