Undercover Dahlias

I can tell you as an allotment holder you see all kinds of weird and wonderful contraptions made of recycled bits and pieces.  It's part of the charm of being part of the allotment community.  But this just about takes the cake!

To the untrained eye this looks a bit like English eccentricity....

Or lunacy....but I know the method behind the madness.

The chap that has this allotment full of gorgeous dahlias, J.P., is growing these especially for a Dahlia competition. 

Years ago J.P. told me that direct rain spots the leaves and can ruin the petals.  He's been a champion dahlia breeder for decades so he knows his stuff.  One thing for certain, his will be the only brolly grown dahlias at the show.  


  1. I love dahlia's, and what a good idea to protect the flowers against rain with colorful umbrellas on the showground. They match perfectly with the dahlias.

  2. :-D
    That's funny! You just have to be resourceful!


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