Decking the Dresser

I don't know about you, but decorating the house for Christmas makes my mind wander.  I think of the strangest things, for example, what is the difference between a china hutch, a sideboard, and a dresser?

All of them refer to the same basic piece of furniture.  My favourite piece of furniture, by the way.  When we first set up house I could only afford the most basic things;  a kitchen table, a sofa, a bed, and chest of drawers.  I lusted after a reproduction Welsh dresser and began to save my pennies for the day when I could buy that special piece of furniture that changes a house into a home. 

I've had two Welsh dressers in my lifetime, one on the State side of the Atlantic ocean and this one here in England.  It is still my favourite piece of furniture, especially at Christmas time.  

My guess as to why they are called dressers... I suppose it's because this is where the table linens and special china is kept, all those things you need to dress a dining table for a special occasion.

I still believe a well stocked dresser, china hutch, sideboard, whatever you call it makes a house feel like home.  


  1. I agree! I love being able to display my favorite dishes.


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