The Santa Tree

It's that time again, when we take down all the Christmas decorations from the loft and design a plan for decorating the house.  Each year our collection of ornaments and baubles grows larger and more varied.  We have so many lovely things that we must pick and choose, leaving boxes of baubles to wait for a future Christmas to be used again. Inspired by the ornaments we bought for our first Christmas together we have decided on a Santa theme. 

When I was a little girl monochromatic Christmas trees were a big thing.  Mom would buy a live tree, flocked with fake snow, drape it in strings of blue lights and hang glass balls all of the same size in a clear blue colour on the branches.  It was always pretty but never seemed to be very Christmas-y to me.

My Granny was very fond of red, so she had a green tree all decorated in red.  Being a little kid, I wanted a tree with lights in every colour imaginable.  Well, kids are like that, aren't they. 

I couldn't help but think of Christmases past while working on this tree.  The red reminded me of Granny.  

The baubles with the snow scene were from Andy's late Uncle Richard.  They remind me of how much Uncle Richard used to love coming to our house for mince pies and Christmas tea.

This Christmas tree is like that old wedding poem: something old, something new. The little Santa Jackets are new, an impulse purchase from the local supermarket.  You never know where you might find some tiny treasures.  

So that's the tree done.....well I think it's done.  There's always room for more. 


  1. Your tree is lovely! I love red, too. My tree has red cardinals and red bird houses with a few snow-painted pinecones and glass icicles.

    1. Thank you, Cathy. Your tree sounds charming! I have a collection of snowbirds and birdhouses which make a lovely tree. I love the look of glass icicles, too.


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