An Audience with Al Pacino

Family, friends and regular readers will already know, Andy and I love the theatre.   Last night we were fortunate to have tickets to the London Palladium to attend An Audience With Al Pacino.


I have been a fan of Al Pacino since he first appeared in the movie,  Dog Day Afternoon.  Andy's favourite was The Godfather series.   But his most moving performance for me was his Shylock in The Merchant of Venice.

Last night's show was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  The Audience was for only this one night.  No film was made, it will never be broadcast on television or radio.  There is no Internet recording.   Mr. Pacino was charming, entertaining and left us all wanting to know more, hear more, see more.  It was a most unusual theatrical experience provided by an American Icon. 

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