Patty's Plum and the Roses

The unusually cold Spring set most gardens back by at least a month.  But a few warm days filled with sunshine and this happened:

Patty's Plum, the poppy, burst open!  It didn't take long for a hungry bee to find it.  

How could you miss a bright blossom like this!

Unfortunately, bees aren't the only bugs in the garden...

The roses have a few aphids but I don't spray them.  I am hoping the birds will find them and have them for supper.

The miniature roses appear to be bug-free and almost perfect!

There are lots of buds so there will be lots more flowers to come.....

And probably LOTS more bugs, too!


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    1. Merci! I have a new plant which is white instead of blue. Most unusual.

  2. What beautiful flowers and beautiful photos. Our rose has aphids too. I try to squirt them off with water!

    1. Thank you! I used to try to wash the aphids away but there are so many I am afraid the poor flowers will drown! I've decided to let nature take it's course and hope a natural predator will come to the rescue. Fingers crossed.

  3. Your Patty's Plum is so bright - round here as are much darker and slightly purple, probably something to do with the soil. Love the rose, mine have aphids and a squirt of water gets most off but leaves enough for the ladybirds to feed on too :-)

    1. Patty seems to start out very bright but fades to mauve with in 24 hours. It must be our soil. Our house was build in the kitchen gardens of a big Victorian house. I think the gardeners must have constantly improved it. It's wonderful stuff! : )


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