The Ex-Box Topiary

When we bought our house, about eleven years ago, my Mum-n-Law bought us two very nice stone planters as a house-warming present.  We planted a conical Boxwood Topiary in each planter and they flanked the front step in a traditional Georgian manner for the past eleven years.  They were beautiful.

But in the past couple of years, things began to change.  The boxwood trees began to turn yellow.  This summer one planter actually began to STINK!  It was time to face the truth, our beautiful topiary trees were not long for this world.

At first I deluded myself, believing I could save them by removing them from the planters and pruning the roots.  But, try as I might, I couldn't budge the boxwood plants.  

And this photo shows you why!  This is beyond root bound, this is just ROOT! 
Even the stone lion laughed at my foolhardy ambitions to save these plants.

Well, there's only one thing we can do now.  We must start all over again from scratch.  

For a moment I thought I'd try something different in these planters, but our house just wouldn't look like home without two topiary boxwood trees to greet you at the front door. This time I might not plant directly into  the stone planters but use  lining pots.  I certainly will be more aggressive with the pruning! Some plants are just victims of their own success.


  1. Oh, dear! Sometimes it's time to say good bye! But be happy that you get the topiary boxwood trees out of the planters without destroying the pots! I had a yucca directly planted in a pot! We had to destroy the pot to get the yucca out of it! Also only roots and no living plant anymore!

    1. Getting those plants out of the stone planters was a tough job, even for a big guy like my husband. I have learned a very valuable lesson...never let things grow TOO big! : )

  2. Oh no! I hope you manage to find some nice replacements.

    1. We've bought two lovely boxwood plants but they look SO small compared to the old topiary. This time we keep them under control, well, we will try!


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