Dahlia Update Part I

A couple of years ago I introduced you to John, the Dahlia man, and his wonderful flowers.  I thought it would be nice to revisit his patch and see what was in bloom.

With ex-hurricane Bertha scheduled to his our part of the country,  I hopped the fence with my little camera and grabbed a few quick snaps.  We aren't sure if Bertha will be as vicious as predicted but the Dahlias are sure to suffer even if we only get the torrential rains. 

So without further ado,  I give you the Dahlia Update for 2014, Part I.

I have no idea what the names of the flowers are.  John wasn't around to ask.

To be honest, I wouldn't be able to remember all the names if he'd told me. 

It doesn't matter what they are called, they are all incredibly striking and beautiful.

Come back again soon for the great Dahlia Update, Part II! 


  1. GOODNESS I am in LOVE!!! I am thinking of dedicating a large patch next year just for these beauties as I Love them so! Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see more!

    1. They would make a wonderful addition to your garden.

  2. They are beautiful - I especially like the last one with the pink tips. Maybe I should get some to plant now for my upcoming summer....

    1. There are so many different colours and styles from which you can choose. I am sure they would look beautiful in your garden.


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