Great Expectations or The Tomato Harvest

Spring fills a gardener's heart with such excitement and expectation.  You plant your seeds and tend them judiciously in the hope of great things to come.  Small tender plants are tucked into beds, watered, fed, and de-slugged in anticipation of having delicious things to eat.  After two or three months, more or less, you harvest your crops.

Or in this case, CROP.   This is my tomato crop for 2014! 

Actually, I lie.  I ate the first cherry tomato as soon as I picked it, overcome with the excitement of it all.

The situation is not as grim as I paint it.  There are lots of little green tomatoes slowly ripening on the vines.  It's just so hard to be patient. There's nothing for it but to water, feed, continuously de-slug them....and wait. 


  1. Haha, you have to be patient and you will get lots of these lovely tomatoes. But the first one is always most delicious.

    1. I noticed you already have a big bowl full of lovely tomatoes on your blog. I am jealous! : Dx

  2. Ha! I love that little tomato up there! There is nothing sweeter than growing your own goodness! Wishing you an outstanding week! Nicole xo

  3. Small but perfectly formed! I hope you get to harvest lots more. Nothing tastes better than your own homegrown tomatoes.

  4. They will all turn red soon I hope, and if not, you are set for making green tomato chutney - which is also delicious!! xx


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