Gifts from the Allotment Neighbours

I was in one of those awkward positions, backside in the air, head inside a kitchen cupboard when I heard someone call my name.  I shouted 'What?' in reply but with my head inside the cupboard I don't think I was heard. 

The voice called me again and I backed out of the cupboard to see Arthur, one of my allotment neighbours, smiling at me over the top of the fence.  In his hand was a large bag filled with blackberries and a courgette.  

'Do you like kale?'  he asked.   I replied in the affirmative and Arthur disappeared from the top of the fence.  When he returned he had another bag filled with plums, two kinds, and this beautiful curly kale.  

Arthur disappeared again and when he returned he handed me the BIGGEST leeks I've ever seen in my life! (Please note: that is my fully grown foot in the photo for comparison)  'These were grown by Mike', he said.  Well, I was stunned!

So was the little Dust Bunny.  He took one look at the giant leeks and quickly slipped off to the far side of the garden.  I think he thought they were going to eat him.  My kitchen is filled with the most beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables.  Now, what are we going to make with them?  

Thank you Arthur and Mike for the very generous gifts.  We will enjoy every bite of them. 


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