Cat and Mouse

Every morning there is a mad moment when the Dust Bunny has a wild burst of activity, usually it involves one of the dining chairs and his favourite mouse.

It only lasts for a minute or two but it sounds like he is pulling down the house. I know it's about to begin when I see this face, the 'I am temporarily possessed by a wild demon' face.

Poor mouse is always oblivious to imminent attack even though it happens nearly every day.  I suppose it's the result of having a brain filled with cotton wool.

The attack is vicious; kicking, biting, sharp teeth gnashing and gnawing mousie's tail. 

Suddenly it stops.  A sort of truce breaks out.  Cat and mouse share a cuddle and a snooze, all aggression is forgotten.

But I can't help but think someone is making strategic plans for the next game of cat and mouse. 


  1. DB so reminds me of my old friend Emma. She arrived home as a kitten giveaway in my cycle pannier when I was 7 years old. And she kept me company all through my teenage years, college years and was still around when I left home. A very fine cat friend indeed and still missed for those very furry purrs:)

    1. Once you have a little furry friend they are always in your heart and you never get over having to say goodbye. X

  2. Ha! Love your furry buddy up there! They can entertain for hours...and so fun to watch aren't they?!?! Happy weekend you!! Nicole xo


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