The Accountant's Helper

Some tasks require complete concentration and attention to detail, preparing tax returns for example.  It takes every little grey cell I have just to read and make sense of the manuals.   I was doing just that this morning ...well trying to do that this morning, when there was an almighty kerfuffle under my chair!

Some one was going mad under there... kicking, wriggling, and squirming.  How are you suppose to work with all this carrying on?

No, this photo isn't the wrong way around, this is the Dust Bunny going bonkers! When I put my hand down to stop him, he attacked the nicest possible way, of course. 

When I scolded him, he hid his face... well he thought he was hidden.  

Finally, after about five minutes of madness, he just collapsed... all wriggled out.  He slept the rest of the day and I continued with the accounting.  I think I need a different assistant!  


  1. I really couldn't work on my own in my studio without my Ginger and Tabby Assistants. They are there for me to bounce ideas off and provide comforting fur to sooth when things get tense or ideas get stuck.

    I'm sure the Dust Bunny did help... in his own special way xx

    1. Your studio assistants are wonderful. I know exactly what you mean. We really couldn't do without our furry little friends. X

  2. Ha!! Yes you do but none would be as cute as he!!! Too sweet friend!!! Nicole xoxo

  3. Replies
    1. He's my dear little chap, naughty but nice. : D


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