Oh Hail!

Here in Devon we often have all four seasons in one day but this was an exceptionally weird bit of weather. 

In the short span of five or ten minutes we had about an inch and a half of hail pelt down on us.

It seems most people are obsessed with weather and we are no exception.

We watched with intense fascination, leaned out the open windows to catch the hail stones in our hands, constantly commenting on how we'd never seen anything like it.  I suspect we have but that is the sort of thing one says about the weather. 

The moment it stopped I was out with the camera.  Even then you could see it melting away almost as quickly as it had accumulated.  It reminded me of something my Dad always said, everyone talks about the weather but no one can do anything about it.  Oh hail!  


  1. The British weather never fails to amaze!

  2. We have just had the same weather here in Cheltenham x

  3. It does look pretty though doesn't it? I spy some aqualegia leaves - one of my favourite plants! :-)


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