Silly Santas

It wouldn't be a proper Christmas without a Santa or two, so here are a few snaps of some of the Santas found in various locations of our house.

As you know, Santa is known by lots of different names all over the world.  Here in Britain he is known as Father Christmas and he often wears a long red robe.  

This is the first Santa we purchased years ago.  I am very fond of him, but please don't tell the other Santas I said that. 

This is the most stylish Santa we have.  I think he looks a bit like a 1970's rock star.  Just look at his fancy footwear.  Groovy!

He also has the best beard and hair.   Oh I must show you what we bought today.

This Santa Robin is a full sized cushion.  He's on the bookcase right now so the cat won't sit on him.    The cat loves a cushion to lean on when lounging on the sofa.   Speaking of cats....

Andy insisted on having Santa Cat and his birds on the dresser in our bedroom.    And you thought I was the crazy person with the Christmas decoration fetish!  


  1. Ok, so I TOTALLY love this idea and will be doing a similar post on our blog very soon! One post will be our santas and a second one will be our snowmen. We have many! Very cool.

  2. Excellent... I can't wait to see them!


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