Wrapping Parcels

If you are like me, you are still wrapping gifts and baking cookies.  I love wrapping parcels but I don't like gift tags. Instead of tying on a gift tag, I try to  decorate the parcels with something that indicates who will be receiving the gift.  It's a surprise up to the last minute!

For example, my Mum-n-Law loves feeding the wild birds in her garden so her boxes are decorated with these little bird ornaments.  Next year they will be added to her Christmas tree.

Young children's gifts are wrapped with a lollipop, a small toy or an appropriate ornament.  You are never too young to start collecting decorations for your Christmas tree.

Ribbon roses are simple to make and are perfect for 'girlie' gifts.  There are lots of great video tutorials on you-tube that will show you how to make ribbon roses.   Right, I must get back to wrapping and cookie baking.  It's nearly Christmas Eve and there are still cookies to be baked and decorated!  


  1. This is a lovely idea - much nicer than gift tags

    Happy Christmas!

    1. Only one snag, you MUST remember the parcel code. Merry Christmas! : )


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