Daisies for Almost Wordless Wednesday

I love daisies!  I've let them run riot in my garden.  This is the time of year they are at their best so I think they should be the stars of this week's Almost Wordless Wednesday!

If these cheerful little flowers don't make you smile then there is no hope for you.  

You might think 'If you've seen one daisy, you've seen them all' but this flower has spoon shaped petals!  

See the difference?

As you can tell, this part of the garden is slightly out of control....

But when it comes to daisies, the more the merrier!


  1. Beautiful! I love their simplicity.

    1. I think they are the most cheerful flowers even if they can behave like thugs in the garden. : )

  2. I love daisies, too! And you have a very special one with spoonshaped petals in your garden! Never saw those kind!
    I love them also for blooming again short time after the lawn was mown. So optimistic, happy little flowers! :-)

    1. Yes they are optimistic and I can't help but smile when I see a patch of daisies. Best of all, I can cut as many as I like to have in the house and they just make more flowers!


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